[VAULT] The Howdy Show EP02

The second episode of The Howdy Show was originally released on June 25, 2004. My birthday, and only a couple weeks after the first episode.

This is the first episode to feature The Howdy Show theme song, ‘This is The Howdy Show’.

The song was written, composed, and recorded by Kyle Blackburn (The Keezie Show) and some guy from Chicago (?) named Aaron who went by ArmN’Neden on the message board that we all used to post on.

Everybody always loved the theme song. How could they not?! It was insanely cool.

We took the show on the road for this episode, driving up to Columbus, Ohio to hang out with Kyle for the first time at his place.

I have no idea why we thought crappy backyard wrestling would be entertaining.

Keezie’s Crib has always been one of my favorite skits.

But the two skits we did with Tyler are my all time favorites.

I think Howdy Size is my favorite segment from all the episodes of The Howdy Show.

That was the peak of the show.

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