Scott’s Daily Album Roundup 2 – The Reckoning

What’s up, again, my friends?! I’m back for another week of my daily album posting from my Instagram. No I have not given up yet. I’ve somehow continued into the second full week of January without skipping a day. I’d call that an accomplishment. Only 50 more weeks to go.

Again, the album picks weren’t for any rhyme or reason, at this this week. And I left my last post off on a Tuesday, so I only have 4 albums this week. Short post, but I’ll reveal my first theme at the end. Stay tuned.

Day 16 – Night Verses – “From the Gallery of Sleep” – Discovered this band literally this day in my Discovery Weekly on Spotify. Not much to say other than it was relaxing post-rock/metal and all instrumental. I enjoyed walking at night in the cold to this. The mood was perfect.

Day 17 – Behemoth – “I Loved You at Your Darkest” – The latest from this black/extreme metal band. I loved “The Satanist” and this is essentially an extension of that. Lots of fans didn’t like it. Not sure why. I was more put off by the cringy first single’s title “God = Dog.” Literally some “I’m 14 and first discovered there’s no god” shit. Kickass song, though.

Day 18 – Jake Hill – “Spectrum”- Internet white boy rapper who can flow pretty damn well and has a decent beat selection. Found out about him from The Browning’s “Carnage” where he guest rapped. It really starts to fall off at the end with the whiny shit, though. But “Die a King” is a banger.

Day 19 – Lorna Shore – “Flesh Coffin” – Found this band through a new single on my Release Radar. They don’t break any new ground as far as deathcore goes. They’re pretty technical and utilize some nice keyboard sounds. It’s a nice dose of nihilism for a cold, snowy day.

So that’s it. I’ve decided to do a themed week for this week, one of many. When I thought about doing themes this was the first one that popped in my head so I’m starting there. It will bleed into the following week so I’ll postpone my post until I’ve finished. Follow my Instagram if you want to get the small picture, then await my sick nasty post for the full. See you in 9 days!