Scott’s Daily Album Roundup

Hey, it’s me. One of your lovely hosts from your favorite podcast. I’m here on the Howdy Inc website to share a little bit of something I decided to do randomly on New Year’s evening. I decided that I was going to listen to a full album front to back every single day this year. And hopefully beyond that.

Why a whole album? Is that really that hard of a goal to meet? For me, yes it is. I’ve been having a hard time for a few years now to listen to a full album front to back with no skipping or switching to something else. Hell, sometimes I don’t get through a full song. I think I can attribute that to the abundance of music right at the tip of my finger tips. There’s just too much music out there and I don’t have the patience or the wherewithal to consume it. This isn’t ever a slight to a band that I don’t finish your album. It’s just daunting to try and listen to everything that I could possibly ever listen to.

Getting into the meat of this, I’ve also decided to post a weekly rundown of what I’ve listened to on this site. Some weeks I plan to have themed, and I’ve got a few picked out already. I’ll just talk briefly about each album week to week. I’m day 15 into the journey as I write this so I’ll make these more brief tonight.

Day 1 – Black Moth – “Anatomical Venus” – My first choice was an album I had in my 2018 albums Spotify Playlist. Good, gothic doom metal with a female singer. Highly recommended.

Day 2- Harakiri for the Sky – “Arson” – Another 2018 album. I’ve been getting into post-metal lately. This band mixes that with black metal pretty well. The vocals are nice and harsh but never change. Still, very brutal, beautiful, and moody.

Day 3 – The Browning – “Geist”- Yet another 2018 album and in my top 3 for last year. They veer a little into the nu-metal territory, sometimes passed what I’d like, but I still find this album to be a blast. The melodic parts are also a nice change of pace.

Day 4 – Demigodz – “Killmatic” and Apathy – “Handshakes with Snakes” – I ended up doing 2 albums this day. Got into that vibe with the Demigodz album – supremely underrated in my opinion. Fantastic hip-hop album front to back. It made me want to listen to some Apathy, and this album I chose was one I owned but slept on. Not my favorite of his but still a good album.

Day 5 – Ruby the Hatchet – “Valley of the Snake” – Been a fan of this band for a few years. This is another female led stoner/doom metal band. Favorite album of theirs.

Day 6 – Phantogram – “Voices” – Just starting to get into this band. A little outside my wheelhouse but I love the sonic and ambient tone of their music. Expect to see them more this coming year.

Day 7 – Zeal & Ardor – “Stranger Fruit” – A strange band that surprised me last year. Bluesy rock mixed with slave song chants that all the sudden break into black metal screeches and blastbeats. Unique take on music in general.

Day 8 – Pig Destroyer – “Head Cage” – A little grindcore never hurt anyone. Pretty good, but I was mostly just looking for something short for my walk to make my album of the day.

Day 9 – Thy Art is Murder – “Hate”- Fantastic deathcore album from a band that’s quickly become one of my favorites. Pure, unadulterated nihilism.

Day 10 – Misfits – “Famous Monsters” – I think this is the most forgotten release from the band. Not a Danzig record, but a Michale Graves. My favorite Misfits record.

Day 11 – Tool – “Lateralus” – Hands down the best Tool album. Lyrically and sonically at their peak.

Day 12 – Czarface – “A Fistful of Peril” – Dope album by the supergroup consisting of Esoteric, Inspectah Deck of Wu Tang, and production by 7L. Their albums aren’t heavy hitters for me, but have some good grooves nonetheless.

Day 13 – Peturbator – “New Model” – I love some dark synthwave and Perturbator is arguably one of the best. I wanted something to play video games to this day. Perfect companion for Far Cry 5’s gritty story line and violence.

Day 14 – Run the Jewels – “Run the Jewels 2” – There is just some really dope, trippy, and hard production on this album that is very unique to the hip hop genre. Killer Mike and El-P kill this record.

Day 15 – Khemmis – “Desolation” – Melodic doom metal with some strangely soft singing despite the depressed lyrics. Very moody and catchy.

So there you have it. My journey so far. I hope this was worthwhile. Come Sunday a new post will be here and likely every Sunday. Stay tuned because I will reveal my first themed week.