The Unknown Podcast Episode 19 “Gettin’ Spooky for Halloween”

OOOOooOOOoooooOOO listener beware, you’re in for a scare.  This week the OG crew is back to talk all things spooky and Halloween related…but since Smoothie’s back we have to talk Juggalo shit for a half hour.  We revisit the Shaggy2Dope flying death kick to Fred Durst and Smoothie laments the push back of ICP’s hotly anticipated new joker’s card – the brilliantly named Fearless Fred Fury.  After that it is strictly Halloween talk, which we kick off by talking about the new Halloween movie, which we all saw.  BEWARE: WE TALK FULL SPOILERS WITH 0 REGARD FROM AROUND THE 40 MIN MARK TO ABOUT THE 1 HR AND 15 MIN MARK.  IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT AND DON’T WANT LITERALLY EVERYTHING TO BE SPOILED SKIP TO AFTER THE BREAK.

After that we talk Apu’s departure from the Simpsons, very spooky I know.  From then on out we have a lively horror discussion in which we speak favorite movies, sub-genres, what got us into horror, horror games and TV, etc.  It’s a fun one and fucking spoopy so don’t listen to this alone.  You should probably pass the word along so you don’t get frightened.


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