The Unknown Podcast Episode 31 – “Howdy Inc’s Decade Retrospective”

Howdy everyone. It’s ya boi Scott here, your editor-in-chief of the Unknown Podcast. I’ll be honest, when editing this podcast I didn’t listen to the whole thing from start to finish, so I’m unsure what was talked about, or if there are many errors in audio somewhere. I pulled the audio from Youtube so it is what it is. But what I DO know is that it starts out as a Smoothie, Brandon, and Dave of Howdy Inc’s Square2 podcast, and Instagram’s own cincygram. They talk a lot of stuff in the first half. I did end up joining about a half hour before the show ends via phone. It…went ok as far as audio goes. Lotta rejoining due to Discord on the Android being a turd, but the discussion is actually quite important. We reflect on a decade of Howdy Inc, and the 2010s in general. We planned on a whole decade discussion for movies/music, etc. and we kinda whittled it down, but we got there. I’m not sure how it’s going to sound as a whole since I was playing Modern Warfare and cut in and out, but hopefully it is still engaging, because we enjoyed talking. It brought out A LOT of changes coming forth, including your very own podcast’s future/name/website death. Changes are a-comin’ and we will discuss that on the NEXT episode of TUP. Make sure you’re subscribed to the Howdy Radio: The Next Generation feed since a certain Howdy Inc CEO let this Podcast’s feed die a slow death. Tell people about it as well, please. We’ve got big news.

2020 – the year of the Inc.






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