The Unknown Podcast Episode 32: “RIP TUP”

DISCLAIMER: No idea what’s going on with Brandon’s audio. It wouldn’t be a final episode if something didn’t get fucked up.

Ladies and gentlemen this is it. After 2 years of off and on podcasting, we’ve decided to put the Unknown Podcast to bed. Not because we’re done podcasting, but because we have new ideas, hate the name, and our feed is dead. But that’s not all! So please join us for our final episode of TUP where we have a discussion about getting in shape, lot’s of wrestling talk, and the prospects of our new show Late Night Toast. We also talk Smoothie’s new solo podcast The Mind of Smoothie (check out for all those needs).

We hope you’ve enjoyed this show, we enjoyed doing it but decided we needed to try something new and more structured. We get into that a lot, along with all ideas we have for Late Night Toast. Thanks for listening. We’ll see you in a brand new format!





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